So this happened ....

23 Aug 2014

Over the past 2 week iv been to both spaceNK and Harrods and the bank balance has took a big hit, but my make up bag is looking very pretty. 

I have wanted this Bobbi brown shimmer brick for a very long time and I finally caved and splashed out. It is just beautiful. 

This is just as beautiful if not more, the hourglass ambient lighting blush I could not leave the shop without it. 

I have quite a collection of lipstick but this one was just to perfect to miss. It's a great everyday lipstick which has great lasting power. This in the shade party alice 

And to go with the lipstick I bought the matching lip pencil in shade rose which makes it last even longer.  

I can't express how impressed I am with the hour glass blush and the bobbi brown lipstick/lip liner combo. I would defiantly recommend bobbie brown for lip pencils. 


Dress to impress in KISS

10 Aug 2014

Recently I was very kindly sent these KISS gel dress nail sticker. 
On first glance I thought I wouldn't get on with these, as iv tried other nail wraps and I didn't love them, however I thought I would give them a chance. 

So in this £5.99 pack you get, 20 gel strips in different sizes for full coverage of the nail, and 20 art strips to get creative with. You also get a nail file, cutical stick and wipe&shine wipes. I was also sent the double up top gel which you can buy separately for £13.99 

You start by deciding which size strip will fit each finger, then you simply peal it off the sheet and stich it on your nail, smoothing it upward- if you stick it in the wrong place you can easily remove and try again.  Once it's all smoothed down you can use the nail file to remove the excess strip. 

It suggests to do you thumb nails last, I found the thumbs the hardest to do as it got a lot of bubbles and wrinkles in it. 

I then went on to stitch the art strips onto my nails, these where really easy to use. I tried to use them to cover up the wrinkled bits. 

You can finish it off by adding a top coat of the double up top gel, which seals the edge of the nail. This should also make it last for a full week. 

If you want to keep you nails looking fresh for up to two weeks you can add a gel polish top coat and set it under a LED lamp. 

Kiss say that this is a quick and easy, cheaper alternative to a gel manicure and i think after a bit more practising it really could be a great alternative. 

They come in a great selection on designs and colours, and are available in superdrug for just £5.99, the LED lamp is sold separately for £38.99 and the gel top coat is £13.99 

If your into interesting new nail products then defenetly give these a go, and let me know what you think. 


Quick follow up ....

As you may have read in my last blog post, I recently bought the fuse gelnamel starter kit. The weekend I bought the kit I had just got a gel manicure so couldn't use it right away. But a week later my thumb nails started to look a little messy. I decided to test the new kit out on my thumbs as the polish was a very similare colour to my manicure. 

I was worried the LED lamp wouldn't work very well as it seamed flimsy but I was very surprised how well it set the polish. I followed the steps and put a thin layer on my nail and placed it under the lamp, I then put 1 more layer and set it under the lamp again, it set amazingly quick and really hard, however the only down side is once you cleans the nail it looses it's shine. The shine did come back slightly but not as much as my other manicured nails. 

Over all it's a great at home little kit. I'm excited to get some more colours of polish soon 


Fuse Gelnamel - at home gel polish

6 Jul 2014

So the other day I was browsing in Boots and came across this little starter kit from sensationail ..... I was really intrigued as to what it was. 

It's an at home gel polish kit ... How amazing. As someone who loves having nice nails and going to the salon to get them done every once in a while, this seams perfect for me.  

So in this little starter kit you get the LED lamp, which is built for one finger at a time and it can also adjusts to fit your toes, it comes with one fuse nail polish (I got the deep red colour), a nail buffer, a manicure stick and lint free wipes to use with the cleanser. .... Everything you need to get started. 

I was worried about having to buying special battery's to fit in the tiny LED lamp but amazingly it came with a plug you can plug in your wall or into you laptop.... Brilliant. 


I'm super excited to try this out. I currently have gel polish on my nails, so I'll have to wait to use it, but I'll find someone I can test it on and give you all a full review. 

So watch out for that. 

Have you tried this before? 


Blush blush .....

28 Jun 2014

My blush collection 


dainty doll - cream blusher in orange country girl (cream blush) - Bought this off of eBay after seeing it was really inexpensive, and I fell I'm love with it. It has the perfect amount of shimmer to give you a really nice high light. I really recommend this.
Revlon Highlighting Palette (powder blush) - I wanted this for a while and finally got round to getting it a few moths ago. It looks beautiful but it is very glittery, making it perfect for a night out. 
maybelline - dream touch blush (cream blush) - I liked the look of this cream blush but haven't yet found a way to use it which I like, I find its hard to blend. I'll keep trying to make it work. 
ELF- baked-blush (powder blush)- This was another product I bought as I like a little bit of shimmer on my cheeks, and this is really good for its price.

clarins - multi-blush (cream blush) - I bought this on a whim one day, after falling in love with the packaging. It's a loverly reddish colour with a small amount of shimmer in it, it's my second favourite after the dainty doll blush. 
the body shop- bronzing brush on sunlight (powder) - this was another I bought as a highlight/blush, I find this it very very shimmery and glittery. 
Mac - Powder Blush in pink swoon (powder) - this is my favourite powder blush, the colour is perfect. 

real techniques - blush brush I use the blush brush for all the powder blushes, I feel it sweeps it on evenly. 
real techniques - stippling brush I use the stippling brush with my cream blushes, It blends them into the skin perfectly. 

What are you favourite blushes? 


Sunday make-up ....

13 Jun 2014

My Sunday make up must haves

On a Sunday I don't like putting to much make up on, I feel like Sunday should be a relaxed kind of day. 

I love to use the La Roche Posay to even out my skin, I use this every night once I have removed my make up, but sunday I like to use a little extra. Next I use a small mount of Garnier BB cream for a light coverage, and the YSL Touche Eclat to brighten my skin up. For the eyes I use a sweep of maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze all over the lid and They're Real mascara from Benefit. Finally I top it off with this bodyshop lipstick to look more put together. 


Do you have a more basic look for lazy days? 


My May ....

31 May 2014

I have been away from my blog this month as iv been busy enjoying the 2 bank holidays, friend and the sun. I love going up to Northampton at weekends to visit my boyfriend and my best friends. We have been going on lots of little adventures like, visiting parks, feeding ducks, eating ice cream and playing frisbee. There has been some lovely sunny days this month which I have spend either sweating in the boiling hot office at work or having fun outside, which is why iv been away from here a while.  

I'm hopping to give my blog a makeover with the help of my very clever friend James, so that should give me the push to start blogging again. 

How was your May?